Youngstown Schools Looks for New Math Teachers

Aug 9, 2017

Youngstown Schools CEO Krish Mohip says they're looking to hire a half-dozen math teachers by next month.

Youngstown City Schools are looking to hire six high school math teachers for the coming school year, and they’re willing to negotiate when it comes to salary.

Schools CEO Krish Mohip says the district’s math teacher shortage is a common problem around the country.

“When you do have that math specialization, you do get recruited heavily to other districts. Put all of that into perspective with the fact that, in the Mahoning Valley, we pay some of the lowest salaries to our teachers. It was kind of the perfect storm for us to be losing our math teachers.”

Mohip says his district lost about a fifth from of its overall teaching staff last year. Classes in the Youngstown Public Schools begin September 5th.