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With just days to go before the election, hundreds of absentee ballots are having to be reissued in northwest Ohio. Secretary of State Jon Husted said there was a problem when the ballots got hung up in a post office in Michigan.

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The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal to ensure that more absentee and provisional ballots are counted. The appeal came from the Ohio Democratic Party and advocates for the homeless. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports the lawsuit over Ohio’s election laws is the last one before November 8th, and it’s settled, at least for now.

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The chairs of Ohio’s two major political parties are carefully watching the numbers of people who are casting early ballots in person and by mail.

Democratic Party chair David Pepper says more people likely to vote Democratic have been voting in person or returning their absentee ballots, and he expects the first of two weekends of early in-person voting coming up to be good.

“It seems like it’s pretty steady from ‘12, and ‘12 was a winning year for us. So if we simply repeat ’12, we feel good about it,” Pepper said.

Photo of Jon Husted

Ohio voters have returned more than a quarter million absentee ballot application requests for this fall's election. 

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A significant number of Ohioans may not have not received an absentee ballot application from local boards of elections. 

A spokesman for Secretary of State Jon Husted says absentee ballot applications have been sent to registered Ohio voters who are confirmed in the system.

But Joshua Eck says applications have not been sent to voters who are believed to have moved. Eck says Ohioans should go online to check their voter registrations.