Affinity Medical Center
Affinity Medical Center

Note:  This story was originally published before the vote by the Massillon City Council on the Affinity Hospital agreement.  It was subesquently updated to include the outcome of that vote.

Massillon City Council  met in special session Thursday night to approve a settlement in the dispute over Affinity Medical Center’s closing.   By unanimous vote, it said yes to the deal.

An effort by doctors to buy Affinity Medical Center in Massillon seems to be coming up short.

Dr. Nash Gabrail has been spearheading an effort to try to save the hospital. Its private, for-profit owner announced three weeks ago it was shutting it down.

Affinity Medical Center closing protested
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Last week the owners of Affinity Medical Center, which was originally Massillon City Hospital, announced it is closing after more a century of continuous operation. Tuesday off-duty nurses, former patients, the mayor and others gathered in protest.

Quorum Health Care said Friday the 156-bed facility is losing money, they can’t find a buyer, and they’re shutting it down March 6th. Off-duty nurses, former patients and officials including the mayor of Massillon and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich gathered in front of the hospital to say they’re going to save it.