Airline Dehubbing

Eric Salard / Flickr

Starting this week, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will be the nation’s only mid-sized airport with the three biggest ultra-low cost carriers. Allegiant Air begins service Wednesday joining Spirit and Frontier.

Cleveland celebrating Allegiant coming to Hopkins Airport

Ultra-low cost airline Allegiant Air is leaving Akron-Canton Airport and relocating to Cleveland Hopkins International. Akron-Canton officials say the move will not be a major blow to their airport. 

Closed Area Cleveland Hopikins
Kevin Niedermier / WKSU

Flying in America changed after airline deregulation in 1978.  It evolved toward dominance by big carriers along a path of consolidation and centralization of services.  Now, there are handful of national ‘hub’ airports through which most passengers are routed for cost efficiency.  And none of the major airports in our region is among them.

Part 4 of our series "Grounded," looks at where we go from here with air travel in and out of northeast Ohio.

Our big airports have been de-hubbed.