Tallahassee table
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Akron hopes to bring together the entire community over a meal this fall -- to eat and to figure out the most important issues to the community.

An Akron entrepreneur will pitch his business on Shark Tank tonight. Evan Delahanty is the founder and CEO of Peaceful Fruits, a company which makes fruit leather out of acai berries.

Delahanty was inspired by his time in the Peace Corps in South America and drew on his experiences there for his appearance on Shark Tank.

Storage basin
City of Akron / Akron.gov

If you live in a community near Akron, your sewer bill may be going up. The city plans to charge more for the sewer services it provides to half a dozen outlying areas.

Cuyahoga Falls, Montrose, Springfield Township and Tallmadge are among what are called “master metered” communities served by Akron sewers.

As many as two-thirds of homes in those communities are hooked up. But under a federal order to build a massive new system, Akron wants more for its service. 

Akron City Council Monday, February 6, 2017
Tim Rudell / WKSU

A far-reaching plan for getting people to build and rebuild homes in Akron was laid out for City Council Monday. Mayor Dan Horrigan and Planning Director Jason Segedy  presented the proposal that was a year in the making. 

It’s called “The Planning To Grow Akron Report" and it aims to reinvigorate Akron as a place where people want to live and raise families.

It calls for everything from updating zoning and permitting, to marketing the city’s historical areas.

photo of Innerbelt picnic

Starting today, the Ohio Department of Transportation will take the first steps toward closing Akron’s Innerbelt, a years-long project that supporters say will reunite the city.

The intersection of Main, Howard and Perkins Streets and Martin Luther King Boulevard downtown – the mouth of the Innerbelt -- will be closed until this summer for the project. Traffic will be re-routed along roads parallel to the expressway.