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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, December 5th:

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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, October 17th:

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A measure being introduced in Akron City Council next month could remove the federal Columbus Day holiday and replace it with something else entirely.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebrates the Native Americans who were here when Christopher Columbus landed in the New World in 1492. City Councilman Russ Neal is proposing a switch to Indigenous Peoples Day, citing the atrocities committed by European explorers.

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Mayor Dan Horrigan’s nominees to the new Akron Civil Rights Commission were approved this week by City Council. Now the group, with the authority to investigate and mediate complaints and enforce the city’s new anti-discrimination ordinance, has to organize itself. 

photo of Rolling Acres Mall

An Akron councilman is questioning the city’s proposal to demolish the former JC Penney store at Rolling Acres Mall.

The company agreed to donate the vacant building to the city, which sparked debate at the City Council meeting yesterday.

The spokeswoman for Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan, Ellen Lander Nischt, says the building is in poor condition, has asbestos and would be hard to keep secure. She says the city wants the building torn down.