Akron Racers

Photo of Racer Sami Fagan

The Akron Racers could be coming back to Akron in the near future.

Former General Manager Joey Arrietta is talking to investors in an effort to form a new women’s pro softball team next year.

She still owns the name of the team and says she really wants to put a team on the field.

"I have retained the name and the rights to logos and the opportunity to put a team back on the field at Firestone Stadium and preserve the history of our organization going forward as early as 2019."


Here are your morning headlines for Friday, Feb. 2:

photo of Akron Racers
THINK MEDIA / Akron Racers

The Akron Racers will not be playing any games at Firestone stadium this coming season.

The women’s pro softball team made the announcement this week, citing financial difficulties.

Joey Arietta says she’s been replaced as general manager but will still be involved with the team.

She says team owner, Craig Stouts, is considering an option to field a Chinese team with a few American players.

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Congressman Tim Ryan's office

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, Jan. 30:

photo of Akron Racers
THINK MEDIA / Akron Racers

The Cleveland International Film Festival comes to Akron today, premiering a film about the passion behind one of the city’s professional sports franchises, and showing a documentary made mostly by Twinsburg High School students. 

“Our No. 1 draftee this year will be paid 350 times less than the No. 1 pick in Major League Baseball’s bonus (draft)," says Cheri Kempf, commissioner of the National Pro Fastpitch League, which is made up of five women’s professional softball teams.