Civic Theatre lobby
M.L. SCHULTZE / WKSU public radio

Consultants helping Akron figure out what to do with its downtown met with about a hundred people last night to consider how to make Main Street more residential, green and vibrant.

About a hundred people attended the session in one of downtown’s destinations – the Akron Civic Theatre -- to talk about ways to fill in the gaps between “set” pieces like the Civic, ballpark and art institute with housing, retail, recreation and business.

Akron City Flag
Tim Rudell / WKSU

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A Summit County agency focused on financing economic development projects today unveiled its first strategic plan in six years.

The Development Finance Authority’s new plan aims to capitalize on growth since its 2011 strategic plan, which led to financing to renovate the old Goodyear headquarters, projects with the Columbus and Toledo Port Authorities and establishment of a fund for economically challenged neighborhoods.

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