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Some Akron City Council members are considering whether changes need to be made to ordinances related to urban agriculture, in the wake of an unsuccessful proposal to hike fees for beekeepers.

The city had proposed raising the fees for beekeepers from $5 a hive to $50, but after public protests, Mayor Dan Horrigan withdrew the proposal.

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Bill protecting beekeepers passes the house

Apr 1, 2018
A photo of bees gathering.
SHANE WYNN / Akron Honey Company

A bill that would protect beekeepers from liability for stings has passed the Ohio House.

Rep. Dick Stein of Norwalk sponsored the bill. He says it would not only help beekeepers avoid expensive lawsuits, but also would allow for the state to track specific hives.

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The backyard beekeeping business began in Ohio more than 150 years ago. After all that time, beekeepers still don’t agree on what to do with their hives once the weather turns cold.

There’s a saying among beekeepers: “If you talk to 100 beekeepers, you’re going to get 101 opinions.”

Larry Theurer keeps bees at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. His hives are all ready for the winter now. But the unseasonably warm weather a few weeks ago meant it was still business as usual for the bees.