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Another state representative is being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

Republican Rep. Rick Perales is being accused of an inappropriate relationship with constituent Jocelyn Smith, who says Perales choked and kissed her against her will three years ago. Smith is now running against Perales in the primary.

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Four Democratic women in the Ohio Legislature are calling on the head of the Ohio House to take action against a key Republican lawmaker for derogatory comments he recently made at a going away party for a former staffer.

Speaker Cliff Rosenberger says Rep. Bill Seitz has admitted he shouldn’t have mocked some women lawmakers.

“He’s apologized for it.”

Rosenberger wants a bipartisan focus group to take on the broader subject of sexual harassment “to make sure we are listening and hearing it out.”

A longtime state representative is formally apologizing for comments he made at a going away party earlier this week – comments that had other lawmakers fuming and calling for an investigation. 

Republican Rep. Bill Seitz of Cincinnati says in a letter to House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and members of the Ohio House that he has “deep regret and remorse” for comments made at the going-away party and roast for the Republican caucus’ chief of staff.

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Two Republican state lawmakers have issued apologies for disparaging remarks they made earlier this week at a roast for a departing employee. But some lawmakers are demanding more than apologies. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports they want a change in the culture they say is prevalent in Ohio's statehouse.

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Lawmakers in the Statehouse are landing on different sides of a debate over the criminal records of human trafficking victims. The argument is over what measures the state should take to conceal and even wipe out those records.

How the bill will help
Niki Clum is with the Office of the Ohio Public Defender. She’s arguing in front of a House committee for a bill that would burn the criminal pasts of people who committed those offenses while they were victims of human trafficking.