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Two Republican state lawmakers have issued apologies for disparaging remarks they made earlier this week at a roast for a departing employee. But some lawmakers are demanding more than apologies. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports they want a change in the culture they say is prevalent in Ohio's statehouse.

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Lawmakers in the Statehouse are landing on different sides of a debate over the criminal records of human trafficking victims. The argument is over what measures the state should take to conceal and even wipe out those records.

How the bill will help
Niki Clum is with the Office of the Ohio Public Defender. She’s arguing in front of a House committee for a bill that would burn the criminal pasts of people who committed those offenses while they were victims of human trafficking.

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An Ohio House bill with bi-partisan support could make igniting some fireworks at home legal by the year 2020, and lift the moratorium on licenses for manufacturers.

Since the summer of 2001, Ohio has had a moratorium on new licenses to make or wholesale fireworks. Cincinnati-area Republican Rep. Bill Seitz wants the moratorium lifted, saying it’s insulated the existing fireworks companies in the state.

Bill Seitz

Ohio lawmakers have tabled a plan to add a fee to the electric bills of FirstEnergy customers to help pay for the utility’s unprofitable nuclear plants.

WKSU’s Jeff St.Clair reports that a key legislator is floating an alternative solution.

FirstEnergy says it needs the $300 million per year generated by a customer fee it's proposing to keep its two Ohio nuclear plants operating, Davis-Besse near Toledo and Perry east of Cleveland. 

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The Senate is now considering a proposal that would ban undocumented workers from receiving workers’ compensation if they’re injured on the job.

The measure passed the House but not without a heated debate between two fiery lawmakers.

Democratic Repr. Dan Ramos of Lorain argued that stripping workers’ comp benefits from undocumented workers would encourage bad-employer practices.