Bill Seitz


Gov. John Kasich has vetoed a bill that would have required voters to post a cash bond if they want a court to order polling places to stay open late on Election Day. 

Earlier in the week, Kasich said he was considering S.B. 296. He said he agreed it was important to make sure a judge’s decision to keep polls open late was based on a real problem.

photo of voters

During the Ohio primary in March, a federal judge ordered some Hamilton County precincts to stay open late. In recent years, there have been several situations like that throughout the state. But a new bill at the Statehouse would make it harder to do that. 

Republican Sen. Bill Seitz’s bill would demand anyone trying to keep the polls open late to go to court and put up a cash bond. And if the precinct is ordered to stay open, only those who have filed the legal action would be able to vote.

photo of Blue Creek Wind Farm turbine

State lawmakers are coming up on a deadline on whether to change the law on green energy and renewable standards for utilities, or to leave it alone and let those standards go back into effect. 

A law passed in 2014 froze those renewable energy requirements for power companies for a two year period, expiring this year.  A bill from Republican Sen. Bill Seitz of Cincinnati would stop what he calls those “mandates” from taking effect another three years.