City of Green

photo of Lichtenwalter Schoolhouse fire

Green is taking the first step to rebuild its historic schoolhouse that was destroyed by arson last year.

The city council approved Akron-based architects Braun and Steidel to make a new design for the old schoolhouse, which was located in Boettler Park. The brick shell of the building will be the base of the new construction.

For years, opponents of the proposed NEXUS pipeline across Ohio have been mounting legal challenges to block the multi-billion dollar project. Now, a northeast Ohio opposition group is getting some help with the legal costs from an area city. 

Green is giving CORN -- the Coalition to Reroute NEXUS -- $10,000 to help it pursue a lawsuit against the federal agency that would approve NEXUS.

photo of Lichtenwalter Schoolhouse fire

  The fire that damaged a historic building in Green this morning has now been ruled an arson.

The Lichtenwalter Schoolhouse at Boettler Park has been declared a total loss.

A number of artifacts were lost in the fire at the building, which was built in 1885.

Valerie Wolford, a spokewoman for the city of Green, says the building’s sentimental value cannot be replaced.

Photo of proposed NEXUS pipeline route

A new study commissioned by the City of Green says that routing the NEXUS pipeline through the city would cost $123 million in property and income taxes over the next 50 years.

The study conducted by Cleveland State University focused on the fiscal and economic impact the pipeline would have on the city’s schools, businesses and day-to-day operations.