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photo of Global Center for Health Innovation

Twelve healthcare startups have been selected to join the Plug and Play business accelerator program in Cleveland.

The startups all use technology to improve healthcare -- from using virtual reality for physical therapy to creating a sensor that monitors sugar levels without drawing blood. The winners will be mentored by Plug and Play and Cleveland Clinic for three months at the Global Center for Health Innovation.

A photo of Mihaljevic from the State of the Clinic address
Yu Kwan Lee / Cleveland Clinic Center for Medical Art & Photograpghy

The Cleveland Clinic's new CEO, Dr. Tom Mihaljevic,  delivered his first State of the Clinic address Wednesday. Mihaljevic announced a 35 percent increase in the hospital’s operating income in 2017, and discussed his plans for his first year as CEO. 

Mihaljevic discussed new initiatives including continuing the hospital’s financial rebound, improving patient safety, and lessening caregiver stress and burnout.

A photo of Tamiflu packaging and pills.

The flu is worse than usual this year, due to the vaccine’s limited protection against the current strain. Now it may be even harder to deal with, due to a recent shortage of generic Tamiflu in Northeast Ohio. Tamiflu is an antiviral which is used to shorten the course of the illness.

Dr. Neha Vyas, a Cleveland Clinic family physician, says the name brand medication is still available, but can be expensive.


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