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Northeast Ohio Hospitals ContinueTheir Economic Boost

Oct 17, 2016
Center for Health Affairs
Center for Health Affairs

Northeast Ohio’s hospitals continue to boost the area’s economy with both direct and indirect employment. That’s according to the most recent numbers from the Center for Health Affairs, a support group representing 40 of the region’s hospitals.

Depression affects around one in five Americans. And while most people respond to antidepressant medications, for the one third of those who don’t get better, the treatment options are pretty stark.

In this week’s Exploradio, WKSU’s Jeff St.Clair looks at a new study that compares two therapies, both of which have their share of problems.


Fruit and vegetable growers are doing a healthy business at the Cleveland Clinic. Stands sell out most Wednesdays at a thriving farmers’ market on the hospital’s main campus.

In today’s Quick Bite, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman tags along with the market’s biggest fan on his weekly shopping trip.

Photo of the Cleveland Clinic's Miller Family Pavillion

Cleveland Clinic has established a $7.5 million green revolving fund, which focuses on renewable energy initiatives.

The announcement was made during this week’s annual Better Buildings Summit in Washington D.C.

The system works by pulling money from the fund initially and replenishes it later on with savings from reduced energy consumption.


It’s no longer the headline- grabbing epidemic that swept through gay communities a generation ago. But today, 1.2 million Americans are still living with AIDS.

In Cleveland, a pair of researchers launched their careers at the dawn of the AIDS era, and in this week’s Exploradio, WKSU’s Jeff St.Clair finds that 35 years later they’re still working to improve the lives of people with HIV.