Cleveland Indians

World Series at Progressive Field
Amanda Rabinowitz / WKSU

The Cleveland Indians did more than just win games to make it to the World Series. They beat the money game. The team’s $98 million payroll is ranked 23 among baseball’s 30 teams. And they were the only team ranked in the bottom 15 of payroll to even make the playoffs.

Owners and the players’ association face a deadline today on a new contract deal, but WKSU commentator Terry Pluto says one of the things they’re NOT talking about -- but should be -- is payrolls that give an edge to big market teams.  

Amanda Rabinowitz

The Cleveland Indians front office held its first press conference today since their World Series loss to the Chicago Cubs.

Indians President Chris Antoinetti and General Manager Mike Chernoff say they are excited for the future of the team.

Antonetti says the bulk of the roster will remain in place next year. The Indians have exercised options that keep Manager Terry Francona with the team through 2020, and Carlos Santana through next season.

photo of Progressive Field

It just wasn’t the year.  The Indians lost Game 7 of the World Series early this morning in a game that went into extra innings and was delayed by rain. The final score, 8-to-7. Our sports commentator Terry Pluto agrees it was a tough loss at the end of a really great season for the Tribe. 

“It’s like it was our year, but it wasn’t our year,” says Pluto. He says it was shocking that the Indians got to the World Series and Game 7 against a superior team like the Cubs. Few teams, he notes, get to the World Series, let alone lead it 3-1.

Dejected Indians fans

For the Cleveland Indians and their fans, once again it’s wait until next year. The team let another World Series title slip away with an 8-to-7 extra-inning loss last night to the Chicago Cubs. WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier was at Progressive Field and talked with fans of both teams about the winning and losing.

Cleveland’s baseball championship drought continues. The Indians lost Game 7 of the World Series to the Chicago Cubs last night 8-7.  

The Cubs took an early lead and they seemed likely to win until the Indians tied it up in the eighth inning.  Following a brief rain delay, the Cubs finally pulled it out in the 10th inning.

or the Cubs, the win breaks baseball’s longest stretch without a championship -- 108 years.  Cleveland now holds the longest streak at 68-years.  After the game, Indians fan Bob Chaciani  of Concord said he can wait another year.