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Ronald Berkman participated in his final commencement as president of Cleveland State University this weekend.  Berkman steps down this summer after nine years leading the urban institution.

During his tenure, Berkman implemented policies that he says were meant to help first generation and minority students succeed, like allowing students to enroll in classes for multiple semesters at a time to keep them on track to graduate.

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Lakewood City Council will be presented with a proposal tonight that could change how the law classifies domestic violence calls to police.

Currently, Lakewood is one of many cities with a “Criminal Activity Nuisance Ordinance” on the books. The law includes domestic violence calls. That doesn’t mean that committing domestic violence is considered a nuisance, but rather that numerous calls from possible victims could result in the renter being labeled a nuisance.

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Affinity Medical Center
Affinity Medical Center

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Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University have received $1.75 million from the Cleveland Foundation to fund a joint effort coined the “Internet of Things Collaborative.”

The Internet of Things refers to devices that collect data and transmit the information to other pieces of technology through the web.