Coach House Theater

photo of JT Buck
J.T. Buck

Last month, it looked like Akron’s Coach House Theatre was going to close. Now, the theater’s owner says it will return for a 90th year.

Last month, Coach House Artistic Directors Nancy Cates and Terry Burgler said they would step down after the theater’s parent organization, the Akron City Woman’s Club, could not guarantee support for another season.

photo of Tess Burgler

The artistic directors of Coach House Theatre in Akron have announced they’re stepping down after nine years, signaling an end to the 90-year-old play house.

Nancy Cates and Terry Burgler and the board are leaving because the parent organization, the Akron Woman’s City Club, could not guarantee it would stay open through the entire next season. Cates says the uncertainty made it impossible to sell season passes.