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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, January 2:

Photo of the winter weather in Northeast Ohio.
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Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, December 27:

photo of downtown Columbus

Cincinnati and Columbus are the latest Ohio cities to adopt policies making them sanctuary cities for immigrants and refugees. One state official wants to stop those cities from doing so.

Republican Treasurer Josh Mandel is throwing his support behind a proposed House bill  that bans local governments from declaring themselves “sanctuary cities.” Mandel says this can prevent acts of terror.

“It’s been the exact pattern in cities throughout Europe, and what we’re trying to do here is keep cities in Ohio and cities in America safe from radical Islamists.”

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Columbus police say an officer fatally shot a 13-year-old boy who pulled what turned out to be a BB gun from his waistband. Police say Tyree King was among three males being pursued after a report of an armed robbery on the city’s Near East Side last night.

Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner said of the gun: "This is very realistic. This is a lot of the products officers are seeing out on the street today, where people can’t get hold of a real gun.”

Police say a person with King was interviewed and released.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are locked in tight races in several battleground states and Ohio is no exception.


Trump’s latest rally in Columbus Monday is the third big campaign stop in Ohio since the Republican National Convention. 


During his campaign stop in Columbus, Donald Trump deciding to take a swing at what seems to have become his new favorite target: fire marshals.