Dan Horrigan

Landmark Building
Tim Rudell / WKSU


In announcing a $33 million plan to revitalize a historic block of south Main Street, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan called it a foundation for development.

The 158-foot-tall Landmark Building at the corner of Main and Bowery opened in 1923 as the Akron Savings & Loan. It’s empty; it has been for years along with the buildings between it and the Akron Civic Theatre next to Lock 3. The city holds title to the blighted block and has tried to for years to find a workable way to bring it back to life.

Dan Horrigan
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Akron City Council gave its approval Monday to buying IT services from Summit County--a week after the proposal was first submitted.  The delay was to allow some members a chance to more closely consider whether the plan might cede too much of a city function to the county.

Mayor Dan Horrigan, who proposed the deal, says he had some of the same concerns; but came to realize that control isn’t the issue, leveraging resources is.

photo of Ilene Shapiro, Russ Pry

Interim Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro is expected to be picked to fill the job through the end of the year at a meeting of Summit County Democrats’ Central Committee Thursday night. Shapiro took over on August 1 following the death of County Executive Russ Pry. She could also be picked to replace Pry on the November ballot for a full term.

photo of Mayor Dan Horrigan

Akron’s firefighters have ratified a new contract with the city, which has provisions to prevent a repeat of a decade-long legal action that was finally resolved last year.

The new agreement bases promotions on seniority and education, instead of a civil service test.  The deal grew out of a 2004 lawsuit brought by 23 firefighters who said that test was discriminatory.

photo of Rolling Acres Mall

Akron officials have no firm plans for Rolling Acres Mall, now that the city owns the former shopping center.

The mall has been boarded up and largely abandoned since 2011, and repeated attempts to sell the property through Sherriff’s sales – including one last attempt a week ago -- have failed. Now, the deed has been transferred to the city and Mayor Dan Horrigan says they’re evaluating the 40-year-old property.