Downtown Akron

Akron downtown
TIM RUDELL / WKSU public radio

Akron will be holding the last of three meetings tomorrow night on what it will take to rejuvenate downtown and how to further the effort. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has this preview.

The meeting is expected to flesh out overall development principles Akron’s been talking about for months with concrete plans to fill in the residential   and retail gaps downtown.

Lauren Ward

Fifty years ago, when Akron’s first shopping mall opened, it marked a beginning of the migration of retail out of downtown. These days, that mall is struggling and customers may be heading back to Main Street. WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia looks at the future of retail in Akron.

Mark Arehart / WKSU

A new shopping space in downtown Akron set to open next month is betting big on small businesses.

photo of Brittany Dobish, Eugene Weaver

There’s a new leadership team at the Nightlight Cinema, and they say they want to hear from the public about what kinds of films they want to see in downtown Akron.

Assistant Director Eugene Weaver has been tapped to be the Nightlight’s new executive director. He’s joined by Brittany Dobish in the new position of artistic director. She says she’s already trying to learn more about what kinds of films Akron audiences want to see.