Early voting

photo of voting stickers

A new report shows changes made to increase early voting opportunities in Ohio have not led to an increase in voter participation.

On Election Day 2004, voters in some parts of Ohio stood in long lines. Some left without voting. Since then, Ohio has allowed early voting by mail or in person. But election statistics analyst Mike Dawson says those changes haven’t increased voter turnout. 

photo Inside Hillary Clinton Campaign office in Upper Arlington

A year and a half of stump speeches, debates and Twitter wars all come down to this, the last day of campaigning before Election Day. The polls in Ohio are very tight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Ohio Public Radio’s Statehouse News Bureau caught up with the Clinton and Trump campaigns to find out how they’re handling the last-minute push.

Dozens of volunteers cycled through a central Ohio campaign office for Hillary Clinton. They dropped in. Grabbed their clipboards. Got their directive. Then went back out into the community for one last round of canvassing.

Political signs

Early voting in Ohio ended this (Monday) afternoon, with some boards of elections around the state reporting record turnout for in-person voting. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more from the Stark County Board of Elections, where the total easily surpassed four years ago.

When the doors closed at 2, voters were still pulling into the crowded parking lot and disappointed to learn their only remaining voting option is Election Day.

Stark County Board of Elections

Thousands of people lined up outside county boards of elections today, waiting to cast ballots in what some described as the most important election of their lifetimes.

The line wrapped around the Stark County Board of Elections even before the city’s largely African-American churches began their formal Souls to the Polls efforts.

Mark Bigsbee says, while the election of Barack Obama was inspirational for him, the election of Hillary Clinton is more crucial for national security.

photo Voters in Cuyahoga County

While Democrats have been pushing their voters to cast early ballots, the Republican nominee for president has been on the campaign trail urging people to consider changing their early votes.

Donald Trump was in Wisconsin this week, telling voters who’d cast ballots for Hillary Clinton they could switch their votes. But Ohio State University law professor Steven Huefner says that’s not true under Ohio’s election laws.