Election 2018

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jim Renacci held a press conference and mini-rally of supporters at a downtown Cincinnati hotel Tuesday morning where he tried a ploy that was used against his Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown six years ago.

photo of Rich Cordray and Mike DeWine

The Republican and the Democrat running for governor are laying out their plans for how to help children succeed. Both Mike DeWine and Rich Cordray say it all begins before the kids are even born. However Cordray sees one clear difference between his take and that of his opponent.

Photo of kidney dialysis patient

A group that wants a constitutional amendment to change the process how Ohio kidney dialysis patients receive treatment submitted signatures to be on the fall ballot this week. But the proposal is already facing opposition.

Activists, including public union members, say the amendment would improve patient care. The measure would require stricter regulation of clinics providing those services and would limit the amount they can charge patients. But Gene Pierce, spokesman for a group of clinics and medical professionals that oppose the plan, says it could hurt dialysis patients.

photo of Libertarian petitioners

After failing to qualify candidates for the statewide ballot for the last two election cycles, Libertarians are fighting to regain their party status in Ohio. The group has filed more than 100,000 signatures to put that party designation back on the ballot.

After the Republican-controlled legislature changed ballot access laws in 2013, the Libertarian Party of Ohio lost its minor party status and could no longer have nominees appear on the ballot with their party name attached.

photo of Richard Cordray

Richard Cordray is laying out how he plans to help children and parents if elected governor.

The Democratic gubernatorial nominee says there’s at least one distinct difference between his plan and that of his Republican opponent Mike DeWine, which he laid out last week.

Cordray wants to increase access to state intervention services, helping parents with young children.