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Governor's Race
John Kasich is Ohio's governor. But he's term-limited, so  in November, voters will pick his successor. Tomorrow, voters will narrow down the race to each party's candidates, Democrat, Republican and Green. Here's who will be on the ballot: 

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Thousands of Ohioans are expected to go to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballots in the primary for governor, U.S. Senator, Congress and state lawmakers as well as a plan to change the redistricting process – and there are nearly 500 local levies and other issues on the ballot.

More than 128,000 Ohioans have already voted early. If you didn't, you’ll have to take care of business at your local precinct. You can find that location on the secretary of state’s website or by calling your local board of elections.


The only statewide issue on the May primary ballot nearly didn’t make it – though it’s been talked about for decades. The long history of the complicated Issue 1, which some activists call a historic effort to change the way the map of Ohio’s Congressional districts is created.

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Early voting wraps up this afternoon at 2 (Monday) at boards of elections throughout the state. According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, the number of early ballots requested and cast is surging over 2014’s primary. Here's more from some of those early voters.

Hotly contested gubernatorial primaries among both Republicans and Democrats were the top draw for many early voters. But according to a Baldwin Wallace University poll released last week, a large segment of voters were having trouble making up their minds.

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In the week before Ohio’s primary, about 20 percent more voters were requesting and casting Democratic ballots than Republican. It’s a swing the opposite way from the 2016 primary, when interest in the GOP presidential primary surged. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke about the changes with the chairman of the Democratic Party of Lorain County, where the shift has been among the most significant in the state.