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In the week before Ohio’s primary, about 20 percent more voters were requesting and casting Democratic ballots than Republican. It’s a swing the opposite way from the 2016 primary, when interest in the GOP presidential primary surged. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke about the changes with the chairman of the Democratic Party of Lorain County, where the shift has been among the most significant in the state.

Rich Cordray steps into the Laborers Local 574 hall in central Ohio. The hall is small – a dot of blue voters in the sea of red that is rural Ohio. Cordray was expected to be the unbeatable candidate in Tuesday's Ohio Democratic gubernatorial primary.

The former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has name recognition and Democratic street cred for once being dissed by President Trump.

Photos of Joe Schiavoni, Richard Cordray, Justice Bill O'Neill and Dennis Kucinich.

The four major Democratic candidates running for governor in Tuesday’s primary are making their cases to voters in the last days of this campaign.

Former AG and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray, former Cleveland Mayor and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, state Sen. Joe Schiavoni and former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill all say they’ll be focusing on grass-roots campaigning.

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper says the candidates will need to motivate their voters since the party didn’t endorse any of them.

Baldwin Wallace University

Ohio’s likely Democratic voters are having a tough time deciding who they want to run for governor. Here's more on what may be behind the large share of undecideds.

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Less than a week before Election Day, four in 10 Democratic voters remain uncertain who they want to be their nominee for governor. Here's more on the latest Baldwin Wallace poll on the statewide primary election.

The poll shows nearly a third of likely Democratic primary voters think Richard Cordray, the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should be their nominee. Fifteen percent pick former Congressman Dennis Kucinich.