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After 35 years, the Akron Global Business Accelerator has rebranded itself as Bounce, Akron’s Innovation Hub.

Doug Weintraub is the newly installed CEO. 

He’s also a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the Cleveland venture capital group Jumpstart.

Weintraub has big visions to build a start-up community in Akron.

He takes us on a tour of the soon to be renovated first floor of the former BF Goodrich factory ahead of the facility's first public open house on Friday.

Steve Belkin, Fran Belkin, Chagrin Falls pumpkins
KABIR BHATIA / WKSU, r43 Productions

Teenagers throwing pumpkins down a hill, and senior citizens climbing up mountains, are the subjects of two documentaries running at the Cleveland International Film Festival this week. Both films also share Northeast Ohio roots and a personal message lurking behind the action on-screen.

“The pumpkin roll used to be all but a military operation. The dead of night, barns and out buildings would be thrown open.”

Photo of Perry nuclear power plant

First Energy Solutions says it’s going to shut down its nuclear power plants. And that means decommissioning them. It’s a lengthy, complex process with public-safety ramifications that by law must be done under the oversight of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Billy Dickson is the NRC’s regional Chief of Projects.

photo of Sergio Iriarte, Cassandra Capocci, Coach House Theatre

Tickets go on sale today for Coach House Theatre's first production under its new artistic directors – the third creative team to run the theater in the past year.

photo of RTA blue line train

Cleveland is studying the possibility of building a high-speed transportation link to Chicago. Supporters say the proposed Hyperloop would open up new jobs to Northeast Ohioans. But some local transit riders and advocates wonder if it’s the best way to spend limited transportation dollars.