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photo of musicians at East End in Akron

A group of DIY musicians is coming together to help Akron’s homeless tent community. In this week’s Shuffle, WKSU's Amanda Rabinowitz talked to organizers of the Out of the Shadows concert series.

photo of Dave Lucas

How does someone become Ohio’s poet laureate?

“One is anointed by the gods,” quips Ohio’s newest poet laureate, Dave Lucas.

At the beginning of the year, Lucas succeeded fellow Clevelander Amit Majmudar to become the state’s second-ever poet laureate. Gov. John Kasich, who created the position in 2014, chose Lucas from three finalists culled by the Ohio Arts Council.

Tena Wilson

The head of the Stark County District Library, who has overseen some of the biggest changes among library systems in Ohio, has been named the new chief operating officer of the Cleveland Public Library. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze talked with Tena Wilson about why libraries must move beyond books.

Bhutanese refugee

Both of Summit County’s resettlement agencies are likely to survive the Trump administration’s latest restructuring of refugee efforts nationwide. But they’re also dealing with major changes in numbers, policy and expectations. 

World Relief’s Anna Beth Walters is conducting orientation with Bhakta Bista and three other Bhutanese refugees who arrived in Akron from Nepal in December.

“’I will take the first job. It’s not my ideal job,'" she says. "It’s the attitude we need everyone to have. Because your first job in America is not going to be your dream job…”

It’s been nearly a hundred years since the discovery of insulin. And scientists over the past century have been gradually refining its function to make life better for people with diabetes.

Now researchers in Cleveland have developed a new generation of insulin that expands its lifesaving potential. In this week’s Exploradio, WKSU’s Jeff St.Clair looks at the latest milestone in the molecule’s history.