photo of Summit County Veterans Services logo

Summit County leaders are donating $20,000 to a group that supports homeless and poor veterans.

Stand Down for Veterans has been looking for donations after a warehouse fire in New Jersey destroyed most of their supplies in February.

County Executive Ilene Shapiro and FirstEnergy Foundation President Dee Lowery presented the donations today at the Summit County Veterans Service Commission.

photo of Sammis plant

Akron-based FirstEnergy says it plans to close 856 of its 2346 megawatts of coal power capacity in Ohio by the year 2020.  Four of the seven boilers at the Sammis power plant near Steubenville would close under the plan, while the Bay Shore plant near Toledo would close if a buyer isn't found.

The company says the facilities are no longer able to compete against gas-fired plants.

photo of FirstEnergy building

NOTE: This is the second of three stories examining Ohio's environmental and energy future. 

A decision to block a plan that would’ve guaranteed profits for struggling coal plants in Ohio may have created a domino effect for the future of energy in the state.

In part two of a three-part series, Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow takes a look at the history of deregulation in Ohio and the bombshell suggestion to reverse course.

photo of Cathy Cowan

Note: This is the first of three stories examining Ohio's environmental and energy future.  

Something as simple as flipping a switch can turn the lights on and off in your home. But many major complicated decisions take place in order to keep those lights on.

As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, these decisions have reached a critical point that could change the landscape of the energy industry in Ohio.

AEP photo of transmission lines

 State officials, utilities and other groups have worked on deregulating the energy market in Ohio for more than a decade. Now two major utility companies want to go back toward re-regulation after the feds nixed their temporary rate-hike plan.