Free Speech


A white nationalist says he’ll sue two state universities if they don’t agree by Friday to let him speak on their campuses. The demand is raising concerns about safety if the speech is eventually allowed. The sponsor of a so-called “campus free-speech” bill says his bill could set rules for situations. 


photo of Ohio lawmakers and supporters of free speech bill

With the school year starting and many controversial issues on the left and the right to discuss, debate and protest, people have been talking a lot about free speech on college campuses. Two conservative Republican state lawmakers are drawing up a new bill that they say will ensure all points of view are represented at Ohio’s public universities. 


photo of anti-Trump protesters

There are important dos and don’ts that come with protesting, according to a group that’s holding a workshop in Columbus to teach people how to demonstrate within their constitutional rights.

Protests and demonstrations are protected under the First Amendment. But protests that get out of hand and turn violent are no longer peaceful assemblies and can lose Constitutional protection.  That’s among the concepts the ACLU will go over in the workshop.

LGBTQ pride flag
Quinn Dombrowski

The ACLU of Ohio is defending a Columbus City School employee who posted hateful comments against LGBTQ people and the city’s Pride Festival.

Chris Dodds works for the Columbus City school district’s garage. A post from his account used a slur to describe gay people and said they should be “killed or at least relocated.”

Justice Judith French

The Ohio Supreme Court will rule on whether the free speech rights of people living with HIV are violated by a law requiring they disclose their status to potential sexual partners

In July 2014, Orlando Batista was indicted in Hamilton County for felonious assault – for having sex with his girlfriend without telling her he’s HIV positive. He admitted in court that he had also infected at least two other women, one of whom passed the virus onto their child.