Gov. John Kasich

Republican leaders in the Legislature are still looking at the possibility of freezing Medicaid expansion, a move the governor’s office says could result in a loss of health coverage for half a million people. 

Republican lawmakers have argued that freezing enrollment for the Medicaid expansion population is one way to prepare for the possible repeal of the federal health care law. They put it in the state budget, a provision Gov. John Kasich vetoed.

Now Republican House Speaker Pro Tempore Kirk Schuring says members are once again weighing a veto override vote.

photo of Ohio State Fair

Here are your morning headlines for Monday, September 18th:

Karen Kasler / Statehouse News Bureau

Dozens of volunteers gathered last week to help place 2,977 flags on the West Lawn of the Statehouse for the annual 9/11 memorial. The first to place the flags were a group of Girl Scouts from Hilliard near Columbus -- 11-year-old Laine McChesney, 12-year-old Ava Crane and 11-year-old Kayana  Skinell  and 11-year-old Lana Peters.

“My dad was in the military and I know it means a lot.”

“We know that we need to do this to remember all the times that were lost during this time.”

“I wanted to do this because it helps represent Ohio really well, and the nation.”

Secretary of State's Office

Gov. John Kasich is backing a U.S. Supreme Court challenge to a state legislative district map from Wisconsin, saying gerrymandering creates polarization and division.Voters changed Ohio’s statehouse map-drawing process in 2015. Those who now want to change Congressional district maps are carefully watching this case – and noting Kasich’s support for it.

Karen Kasler

Gov. John Kasich has formally signed what’s become known as “Judy’s Law.” It's legislation named for a Columbus woman that imposes longer prison sentences on attackers who intentionally disfigure their victims by using accelerants to set them on fire.  As Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, the law might not be the last to crack down on domestic violence.


Flanked by Judy Milinowski’s two young daughters, Kasich signed the bill, promising to take a look at existing domestic violence laws to see if they are comprehensive enough to protect women from abuse.