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Jo Ingles

The debate over gun control happens daily in nearly every part of the country and today, it was front and center as a gun bill was debated at the Statehouse. But can common ground be found? 

Picture of Sherrod Brown

The White House has chided talk of gun control this week, claiming it’s too soon to talk about policy in the wake of the Vegas massacre. One top Democrat in Ohio says if not now, when?

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is calling for a ban on "bump stocks", which can make semi-automatic rifles replicate fully automatics and may have been used by the Vegas gunman.

Brown says other issues should also be taken up, such as a federal waiting period and a gun buying ban for people on the terrorist watch.

Sherrod Brown

UPDATE: Sen. Brown is co-sponsoring Sen. Feinstein's bill; he also voted for a similar ban in 2013, following the Sandy Hook shooting. 

Sen. Sherrod Brown is renewing his calls to examine the nation’s gun laws following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Brown says he’s incredulous that some of his colleagues still do the bidding of the gun lobby in the face of mass shootings.

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A group of advocates is pushing for more gun safety legislation, even as state lawmakers are debating several pro-gun bills. The Ohio Coalition for Common Sense brought in a notable name for their launch.