Here are your morning headlines for Monday, October 23rd:

photo of gun-free zone

A bill is moving through the Ohio House that would let off duty police officers carry weapons into gun-free zones. This bill has the support of police officers.

The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police says officers always have a responsibility to take action whether they’re on duty or not. And the union is advocating for a bill it says will help protect gun-free zones from attackers.

Opponents say the proposal violates the rights of property owners who make the decision to restrict guns.

photo of gun buyback

The Cleveland Police Department collected 168 firearms during its gun buyback yesterday, with people lining up almost an hour in advance for the annual event.

The 10th annual buyback allowed anyone to turn in a working handgun or semi-automatic rifle -- no questions asked -- for up to $200 in gift cards.

photo of concealed carry

A bill that allows people to carry guns into more areas such as day cares and college campuses is moving through the legislature as the current session draws to a close.

There’s a list of places that where people are automatically banned from carrying concealed weapons. That includes day cares, airport terminals and government buildings. But a bill moving closer to becoming a law would cross those three places off the list, with some exceptions.

Chief Calvin Williams

Cleveland police are prepared to handle members of the New Black Panthers Party who say they will be in town this week carrying guns to protect protesters. The group plans to be at “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations leading up to next week’s Republican National Convention.