Heather Roszczyk

photo of Heather Roszczyk
City of Akron / CITY OF AKRON


The city of Akron is trying to play a bigger role in guiding local startups.

Tuesday is the third Akron Entrepreneurs Meet-up event organized by the mayor’s office.

Heather Roszczyk is the innovation and entrepreneurship advocate for the city. She says bringing local entrepreneurs together helps business owners identify common problems and what the city can offer.  


In the spirit of karaoke and Sudoku, another Japanese trend has hit the shores of the U.S. PechaKucha -- a twist on story telling and PowerPoint -- got its start in Tokyo more than a decade ago and has now spread to 900 cities worldwide.

Akron staged it’s first PechaKucha in 2015.

WKSU’s Jeff St.Clair sat down with of the two organizers of tonight’s event.