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A new report shows that the number of people considered food-insecure in Ohio is holding steady. But the head of the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank says ta change in the sate budget could alter that.

A three-day conference on hunger wrapped up today (Saturday) at Walsh University in North Canton.

Two groups, the Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit and the Food Waste and Hunger Summit, are combining efforts in the event called “Summit Squared: One Movement. Exponential Impact.”

Assistant Dean Rachel Hosler says the conference is a way to keep students and community members informed on ways to end hunger and food waste so close to home. 

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Advocates from anti-hunger groups say President Donald Trump’s more than $1 trillion budget proposal would hurt the neediest Ohioans the most. The president’s budget cuts funds for many domestic programs, including anti-poverty programs that help needy families across the state.

The Trump administration’s budget would cut more than a dozen federal agencies and programs designed to help struggling people. These include low-income heating assistance programs, school aid for rural communities and help for homeless veterans

New Report Finds Hunger Affects Grades

Dec 8, 2015
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A new study finds a large achievement gap between wealthy school districts and districts with many economically disadvantaged students. As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports -- one group says hunger has a big role to play in this problem.