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Kent State University is welcoming about two-thousand international students this fall, and the school is planning ways to bring Kent State to the world, even if global students are hesitant to come to the U.S.

forecast map for Hurricane Irma

A Kent State University geography professor is using real-time images of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to teach his meteorology students.

Tom Schmidlin says that allows his students to study the physical geography of the storm and social geography of its impacts. One of the impacts, Schmidlin says, is surviving.


He was Egypt’s most famous composer, a pioneer in modern music, and a creative force at Kent State University for more than four decades.

Composer and music researcher Halim El-Dabh died over the weekend. He was 96 years old.

A career in music came as sort of a surprise for El-Dabh. In 1940’s Cairo, he was training to be an agricultural engineer, but all the while he studied and wrote music