Kent State University

Ibrahim Albadri

Paying for school is a challenge for most every college student, but for students in the U.S. from Libya, many have the money but can't access it. Libya has become increasingly unstable and it's harder for citizens to get money to the U.S.

WOSU's Esther Honig reports on one student from Kent State University who is doing all he can to complete his degree before he's forced to drop out.  

Photo of a cigarette burning

Two Northeast Ohio universities are going smoke free starting July 1.

The University of Akron and Kent State University both say the goal is to make their campuses healthier.

University of Akron’s spokeswoman Lisa Craig says the smoking ban encourages fitness. 

Craig says it’s a “self-reporting” policy, which means those who see others smoking are asked to report it to a university official.

photo of Innerbelt picnic

The future of Akron's Innerbelt highway could be determined by a group of the city's artists and designers who are meeting tomorrow.

Akron-based architect Craig Thompson is expecting about three-dozen people to brainstorm ideas for the 30 acres that will be available once the roadway downtown is removed over the next few years. He says Akron’s creative community is cautiously excited about the blank canvas.

Kent State University

Kent State University is expanding the buyout it originally offered to staff members. Trustees voted Wednesday to make the retirement incentive program available to the faculty, too.

The university's master plan, “The Strategic Roadmap to a Distinctive Kent State," calls for an emphasis on research. That means recruiting research-oriented faculty. To help fund the shift, the school is hoping to use about $18 million in expected savings from employee retirements.

Akron Public Schools Announcement

The philanthropic arm of the Ford Motor Co. is designating Akron Public Schools as a ‘Next Generation Learning Community’ and will financially help with the college and career academies in the districts' high schools. At the same time Kent State University announced a new partnership with the academies.