Lake Erie wind farm

Leedco wind farm

Lakewood City Council is supporting the proposed Icebreaker wind farm in Lake Erie, which would be about 7  miles offshore from Lakewood.

Council passed a resolution that cites Ohio’s over-dependence on fossil fuels and a potential economic boost for the city.

Photo of ocean-based wind turbines

The U.S. Department of Energy is looking for the public’s input on what would be the country’s very first fresh water wind farm. 

The project known as Icebreaker, consists of six wind turbines located 8 to 10 miles offshore north of Cleveland.

Good Jobs, Green Jobs logo
Good Jobs, Green Jobs

Many of the nation’s environmental and economic problems could be eased with increased support for alternative energy. That was the message at the national “Good Jobs, Green Jobs” conference today in Cleveland.   

Many conference participants cited the $40 million federal grant for an experimental wind farm off the coast of Cleveland in Lake Erie as an opportunity to turn Northeast Ohio into an alternative-energy hub. And they also called for a national renewable energy policy to drive more job creation.

Congressman Marcy Kaptur

The Cleveland-based Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation, known as LEEDCO, has gotten a major financial boost in the decade-long effort to build the nation’s first off-shore wind energy project.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur says the U.S. Department of Energy has picked the Cleveland project over other efforts in Virginia and New Jersey to erect six experimental wind turbines in Lake Erie.