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Quinn Dombrowski

CORRECTION: An LGBT health care center will be a part of Lakewood Family Health Center. The original article indicated the center will be converted into an LGBT health care center.

Two Cleveland hospitals are taking steps to better care for LGBT patients.

The Cleveland Clinic and MetroHealth created LGBT health care centers within their facilities.

One part of the project asks patients to write down pronouns they prefer to go by, which helps physicians form morerespectful relationships with the patients.

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The city of Lakewood is trying a new approach to fight the opioid epidemic.

Project SOAR (Supporting Opiate Addiction Recovery) will use peers with experience in addiction recovery to contact local residents who’ve overdosed, and suggest options for recovery. The city is also working towards expanding resources at rehabilitation facilities to get those residents immediate help.

Lakewood mayor Mike Summers says the program will give drug users a second chance.

Bernie Sanders

Before the Ohio primary election, a group of volunteer Bernie Sanders supporters set up an unofficial field office in Lakewood, outside of Cleveland.

Now, months after Sanders dropped out of the race, the office is still open. Volunteers there say they want to translate the energy and platform of the campaign into local elections.