Larry Obhof

photo of Blue Creek wind farm turbine

Ohio's state Senate plans to deliver the final blow to what are known as Ohio’s green energy standards. These standards require utilities to get a certain amount of energy from renewable sources. A bill to toss out those requirements could move first thing next year.

Republican Senate President Larry Obhof is resolute that he plans on moving a bill in January that would get rid of the green-energy requirements, though he admits he’d like to see a few changes first.

The only Democrat on the Ohio Supreme Court announced in October that he intends to run for governor next year. Bill O’Neill says he won’t leave the bench until Jan. 26. But state lawmakers may try to force him out sooner.

photo of Larry Obhof

The Ohio Senate has passed another abortion ban – this one aimed at a specific prenatal diagnosis. 

By a nearly 2-1 vote,  majority Republicans approved the House- passed bill that would make it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion after a Down Syndrome diagnosis. But Democratic Sen. Joe Schiavoni thinks it is a way to dissuade doctors from performing any abortions.

“This is another unconstitutional step toward taking a woman’s right to choose away.”

Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program  

Ohio’s political leaders continue to ask questions about the process used for awarding licenses for the state’s new medical marijuana program.

photo of Bill Harris

The former head of the Ohio Senate is being remembered as a quiet force in the Statehouse.