For the first time since lawmakers required it in the budget, Gov. John Kasich’s administration made a trip to the Ohio Statehouse to ask a panel of legislators to release hundreds of millions of dollars to fund Medicaid

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The head of the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services says the Trump administration wants to move more health insurance decisions from Washington to the state level. 


Nearly 50 percent of people in the U.S. are covered by either Medicare or Medicaid. And the amount of money doctors and hospitals receive for treating those patients is dictated by the federal agency


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Gov. John Kasich has been a regular guest on national news shows, talking about the importance of keeping Medicaid expansion in whatever changes are made to the Affordable Care Act.  Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler talked to Kasich about the future of what's considered by some to be his signature achievement as governor.

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There are renewed fears that state lawmakers will freeze Medicaid expansion in Ohio now that latest attempt to overhaul the federal health care law has folded.

The last time the House considered holding a vote to freeze Medicaid expansion through a veto override, Republican leaders said they would wait to see what kind of changes Congress might make on federal health care.

Faye Childs of Columbus who’s battling a rare form of cancer, is concerned that the issue is back on the table in the Statehouse and could threaten her coverage.