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Here are your morning headlines for Friday, May 11:

Ohio Begins Training its Medical Marijuana Workforce

Apr 25, 2018
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RICK SENFTEN / WKSU public radio

In September, Ohio will join 28 other states with comprehensive medical marijuana programs. The program has taken two years to get up and running, and still faces some challenges, but a group of educators in the state is working to make sure a trained workforce isn’t one of them. 

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Statehouse News

Ohio’s medical marijuana program is supposed to be fully operational on Sept. 8. But there are court battles over problems with the process of choosing cultivators. Some fear it might delay the start of the program.

Republican Sen. Bill Coley says patients need Ohio’s medical marijuana program to be ready to go on day one. So he’s come up with legislation that would allow a do-over in the scoring process.

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A petition submitted by backers of a ballot issue to legalize marijuana in Ohio has been rejected.