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The state law passed last year allowing a medical marijuana industry in Ohio gives communities a limited ability to regulate it in their areas. To get a state permit, a company must show it can comply with zoning and other ordinances where it will operate. But, as a deadline nears for applying for the first state permits, rules for doing business in Akron aren’t set.  

Mayor Dan Horrigan introduced Akron’s licensing plan to City Council this week. His press secretary, Ellen Lander-Nischt, says passage is probably a few weeks off. 

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Akron is considering adopting the first set of rules in the state to allow medical marijuana sales under the new Ohio law permitting such sales as of September of 2018. But it won’t allow such sales in residential areas, or within 500 feet of schools, churches or libraries. That is the upshot of an ordinance proposed by Mayor Dan Horrigan. 

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Akron City Council will discuss this afternoon proposed rules that would govern medical marijuana businesses in the city.

Beginning September of 2018, Ohio law will allow the cultivation and selling of marijuana in certain forms to treat about two dozen chronic health conditions. But the law allows communities to authorize specific operations and under what rules.

Mayor Dan Horrigan’s spokeswoman, Ellen Lander-Nischt, the city earlier adopted a one-year moratorium on marijuana sales so it could develop a framework. 


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One of the three people who plan  to build a medical marijuana campus in Southwest Ohio thinks the drug can be used to treat one of the state’s biggest problems – opioid abuse.

Jimmy Gould, an investor who also served on the task force that developed Ohio’s medical marijuana law, thinks pot can be used to relieve symptoms of withdrawal from opioid use. Under Ohio’s new law, medical marijuana isn’t approved for that purpose; Gould thinks it should be.

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Two of the people who played a big part in the marijuana legalization plan rejected by Ohio voters in 2015 are planning to take a key role in Ohio’s new medical marijuana program.

ResponsibleOhio backers Jimmy Gould and Ian James plan to partner with Cincinnati developer Bill Brisbane to develop a medical marijuana campus. Gould says the trio plans to get licenses to grow and process medical marijuana in Wilmington in southwest Ohio.