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Morning Headlines: Q Deal is Back; Kasich Condemns Trump Decision on DACA

Sep 7, 2017
Governor Kasich on CBS This Morning

Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, September 7:

Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program logo

It appears the state’s new medical marijuana program has cleared a hurdle. A public college has stepped forward to serve as the state’s medical marijuana testing laboratory. 

The medical marijuana law requires an Ohio public college or university to test cannabis for potency and quality before it goes to dispensaries for sale.

Marijuana leaf
Statehouse News Bureau


Investors who want a license to grow medical marijuana for Ohio’s new program will have to wait until November to find out whether they will receive one. 

Investors had hoped to find out by September whether they would be awarded one of the 24 cultivator’s licenses.The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Justin Hunt says based on the volume, the decisions on the licenses won’t come until November. But he says the September date was never promised.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program logo

The state’s new medical marijuana program is supposed to begin a little more than a year from now. But there are still lots of questions, such as who will grow the plants, what conditions they’ll be grown under, and who will do lab testing on the cannabis before patients get access to it.

The state’s new medical marijuana program calls for a public university to test the plants. But, so far, none has stepped forward, although at least one private company says it will work with an unnamed public university to do the testing.  

Akron City Council
Tim Rudell / WKSU

All five sets of investors who applied to cultivate medical marijuana in Akron won approval Monday from City Council.  

Council passed an ordinance in April to allow medical marijuana cultivators with state licenses in town. Since then, it collected data and held hearings.