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Medical marijuana study

The city of Eastlake is considering a proposal for a medical marijuana plant. It comes from Buckeye Relief, which would build and license the operation.

Eastlake Mayor Dennis Morley says the plant will be good for the city and or employment.

Kasich signs water-testing bill

A slew of bills that in other years might have been too controversial to touch not only got hearings at the Statehouse this year. They passed.

For six years, Janet Folger Porter of Faith 2 Action tried to get lawmakers to pass what’s known as the “Heartbeat Bill’, a plan that makes abortion illegal at the point a fetal heartbeat is detected. That can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

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Ohio's pharmacy board has released a first draft of rules for who can sell medical marijuana.

The state would permit up to 40 medical marijuana dispensaries. The cost of a dispensary license would be $80,000 every two years.

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The panel charged with putting the state’s new medical marijuana law in effect has come up with some rules for sites where marijuana would be grown in Ohio.

The number of proposed growing sites has upset activists who’ve had questions about the new law.  

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s proposals would limit the number of marijuana growing sites to 18. The licenses and fees for the 12 larger sites would be $200,000 each; those for the six smaller sites would be $20,000 each.

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The state organization that oversees doctors in Ohio is advising them against recommending marijuana for patients right now, though the state medical board isn’t stopping them from doing that.

A marijuana law that took effect last month allows doctors to recommend marijuana for patients to keep them from being prosecuted for possessing small amounts of marijuana. And a member of the state medical board says that agency is not prohibiting doctors from recommending medical marijuana.