Mike DeWine

The proposed abortion ban that a group of citizens wants to put before Ohio voters has been stopped – for now. 

Ohio  Attorney General Mike DeWine

A collaboration of nearly 30 Cleveland-area health, social service and law enforcement agencies have unveiled a campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking. Signs saying “Human Trafficking Happens Here Too” will start going up around Greater Cleveland tomorrow. The launch is timed to correspond with the upcoming Republican National Convention.

photo of Mike DeWine

Attorney General Mike DeWine is answering a question that has been asked of him many times in recent months.   He says he’s running for governor in 2018.

DeWine says he intends to run but says he doesn’t really want to talk about it right now.

“It certainly is no secret that I’m very much interested in running for governor in 2018 but I think it’s just too early to be making that formal announcement. We need to get this election behind us and people, I think, should be focusing on this election. It’s very, very important.”

photo of Mike DeWine

A group of law enforcement and legal experts are working on answering an important question: When should an officer engage a suspect in a high-speed chase? 

There are times when a police pursuit can stop a lawbreaker and protect the community, but there can be consequences. Attorney General Mike DeWine recalls the case of a mother and son who were killed during a police chase while they were delivering newspapers in Greene County.

DeWine has a task force working on best practices for law enforcement to consider before giving into the instinct to chase.

Picture of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine at today heroin conference

Members of the health, law enforcement and social service communities met in Beachwood today to discuss the growing opiate problem. It was part of a series of conferences sponsored by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. As WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports, they talked about possible solutions, and the increasing abuse of the more deadly synthetic drug fentanyl.