Mike DeWine

photo of John Husted, Josh Mandel, Dave Yost and Mike DeWine

Four of Ohio's top elected officeholders took questions together today at an annual event with reporters.  They were asked about whether they support legislation for medical marijuana.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said he’s offered lawmakers a list of what other states are doing on medical marijuana, and Auditor Dave Yost says he doesn’t think a lot of studies are needed to come up with some legislation soon.

Then they were asked if they’d ever used marijuana, and if they had, when was the last time. DeWine answered “No.” Yost said, “Yes, probably 1978 – that’s a guess.”

photo of John Husted, Josh Mandel, Dave Yost and Mike Dewine

It’s not often that the four Republican executive officeholders are together in one room – especially when all of them are expected to run for other offices when their terms end in 2018. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports on their answers when asked about their future political plans.

It’s no secret these term-limited Republicans are not done with politics. But when asked who’s running for governor, Attorney General Mike DeWine said it’s premature to answer

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced today that his office is investigating the nation’s three largest movie theater chains for possible antitrust violations.

The investigation focuses on whether AMCCinemark and Regal engaged in conduct that unfairly excludes competitors and keeps new theaters from entering the market.


State lawmakers are introducing a bill to require women who have abortions or miscarriages to designate arrangements for burial or cremation of fetuses. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

Attorney General Mike DeWine found no evidence that Planned Parenthood of Ohio was selling body parts of aborted fetuses as had been alleged in a viral video. But that doesn’t make Republican State Rep. Kyle Koehler feel any better.

“Whether they are selling body parts or simply tossing them into landfills doesn’t matter to me anymore.”

Stephanie Kight

Planned Parenthood has filed suit against Ohio's health director, just two days after the state attorney general issued a report on how the group handles fetal tissue. WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia reports.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's investigation into Planned Parenthood’s affiliates found no evidence that they made money from aborted fetuses, but the report did criticize the facilities for disposing of fetal remains in landfills.