Morning Headlines

Morning Headlines from WKSU News

Morning headlines from WKSU News

Akron City Council has voted to overturn the city’s controversial panhandling law.  Council repealed the 2006 law which required all panhandlers in Akron to get a license to do so, and put restrictions on where they could ask for money.  Last week, the ACLU of Ohio announced it was suing the city over the measure.  City Council president Marilyn Keith says the council is “committed to addressing poverty and homelessness and finding the best solutions for those in need.”

Top headlines: Planned Parenthood criticizes Kasich's decision to sign bill; Mahoning County village says it has spent $70,000 on lead in water; Officials: Man alive before dying in back of trash truck

Top headlines: Mother and grandmother charged in opiate overdose of two Warren children; Ohio Supreme Court rejects request to identify residences of Cuyahoga County children with elevated lead levels; Carroll County residents experience power outage due to heavy snow

Top headlines: Cleveland Clinic to pay $1.6 million settlement to the federal government for implanting cardiac devices too soon after surgeries; Ohio Attorney General’s office to serve as special prosecutor in Tanisha Anderson case; Ikea drops land study in suburban Cleveland that could have brought a store to the area