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Local challenges to natural gas pipeline projects like Rover and NEXUS have largely been unsuccessful in the courts and with regulators. But they may still be affecting the broader pipeline industry.

Ian Goodman heads a research and consulting group in energy economics.  He says any challenges--even local ones that don’t go anywhere--can cause delays. And those delays tend to worry investors. 

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Pipelines Could be a Windfall for Some Ohio Schools

Mar 22, 2018
Photo of proposed NEXUS pipeline route

Inequities in the dollars used to fund schools have been a problem in Ohio for decades. Education funding depends on local home values, business investments, levies that pass or fail. And in some areas, it also depends on whether a natural gas pipeline runs through your school district. Stateimpact Ohio’s Ashton Marra takes us to one rural district where the construction of a controversial pipeline could mean a multi-million dollar windfall.

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With the passage of the new federal tax law questions about how it will affect different parts of the economy are emerging.  In Ohio that is especially true for what the tax changes may mean to the energy industry.