Nick Owens

photo of the Ohio Board of Education

Thousands of Ohio students held demonstrations Wednesday pushing for stricter state and federal gun laws in order to make their schools safer, but one Ohio Board of Education member says school security issues should be handled at the local level.

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The Ohio Board of Education has voted to recoup more than  $19 million in overpayments to the state’s largest online public charter school, which closed its doors last month.

The board voted 15-0 today directing the state Department of Education to take whatever measures necessary to recover the funds from ECOT—the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow—for the 2016-2017 school year.

photo of Meryl Johnson

The state Legislature holds most of the power in determining education policy in Ohio.  But the 19-member state Board of Education can play a large role.

A half-dozen new board members are taking office this year. Five won election in November to represent districts in Ohio and one member, who has not yet been named, will be chosen by Gov. John Kasich to fill a vacancy.