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The Ohio Supreme Court will rule on whether the free speech rights of people living with HIV are violated by a law requiring they disclose their status to potential sexual partners

In July 2014, Orlando Batista was indicted in Hamilton County for felonious assault – for having sex with his girlfriend without telling her he’s HIV positive. He admitted in court that he had also infected at least two other women, one of whom passed the virus onto their child.

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Ohio Attorney General

The state has been trying to fight modern-day slavery on several different fronts, from revising the laws to raising awareness about human trafficking. A coalition of community groups is learning more about what can be done for the victims once they’re out of the system.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Commission, which is a gathering of many groups fighting the crisis around the state, is working to strengthen victim services.

The one-year-anniversary of the murders of eight members of a Pike County family is approaching.  the Pike County’s sheriff joined Ohio’s attorney general today to provide an update on the on-going investigation. 

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Many large businesses have departments that deal with cybersecurity and data breaches on the internet, but smaller businesses often don’t have those resources. Those small operations are taking advantage of a program offered by the state. 

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There’s a new lesson plan from Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation for fourth grade teachers throughout the state. It’s designed to help students use critical thinking and problem solving skills.