Ohio Democratic Party

photo of Dan Tokaji

The Ohio Democratic Party has appealed to the US Supreme Court to toss out a 2014 state law and bring back the so-called “Golden Week”, when Ohioans can register and cast ballots at the same time. But an election law expert thinks the case doesn’t stand much of a chance. 

Democrats appealed the decision of a three-judge panel that 29 days of early voting is – according to the majority opinion – quite generous. But Democrats want to go back to 35 days and restore the Golden Week, which they say it used heavily by minority voters.

Rob Portman and Ted Strickland

When it comes to campaign fundraising Republican U.S. Senator Rob Portman has a large financial advantage over his opponent, Democratic former Gov. Ted Strickland. Now the two sides are trading jabs over the kind of money coming into the race. 

Ohio’s U.S. Senate race between two political heavyweights is shaping up to be one of the most expensive races in the country.

Photo of Sandra Kurt

The Ohio Democratic Party held a rally today in Akron to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. The event was a part of Equal Pay Day and featured a call for legislators to address the pay gap.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper and Summit County Clerk of Courts Sandra Kurt were among attending.

Kurt says unequal pay for women has adverse effects on their lives and the economy.

photo of Will Klatt

  The head of Ohio’s Democratic Party says he believes the number of Ohioans who will now be affiliated with the party will shrink because some crossed over to vote a Republican ticket to participate in the GOP’s presidential primary. David Pepper doesn’t think that crossover vote will hurt Democrats in the long run.

Columbus resident Will Klatt voted for Bernie Sanders, and he says he thinks a lot of people who would have voted the same way if it weren’t for the Trump factor.

David Pepper

 Gov. John Kasich made a big splash in the New Hampshire primary by claiming second place. But a top Democratic leader says that might work out better for his party. 

Kasich's second-place finish gives him momentum going into South Carolina and other upcoming primaries.

But Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper says Kasich will struggle in the next round. Pepper believes Kasich will continue to split votes with other establishment candidates, such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.