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The state education department has ordered that more money be withheld from the state's largest online charter school’s monthly funding. Officials believe the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is still getting too much money based on a suggested drop in enrollment.

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The state auditor wants the Ohio Department of Education to stop paying so much public money to the state's largest online charter school. He claims there are still discrepancies as to how many students are actually attending the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow received millions of dollars based on enrollment of more than 14,000 students. But Auditor Dave Yost says that doesn’t add up given ECOT’s own court statements.

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Three big school districts are pleading with state education officials to take a close look at what they think is a major discrepancy. This has to do with the tests given to see if a third-grader can advance to the next grade.

There are five tests a third-grader can take to assess their reading skills. There’s the state test or four alternative tests.

Ohio school's CEO Paolo DeMaria maintains that vouchers create the competition that improves public schools.Credit KABIR BHATIA / WKSUEdit | Remove

A proposal in state Senate that would modify Ohio's voucher program is getting a qualified endorsement from the superintendent of the state's schools.

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The Ohio Department of Education is expanding the number of credentials for high school students who are learning a trade.