Ohio Department of Health

State rep. Christian Hagan talks to reporters
Statehouse News Bureau

Some companies, especially those in the healthcare fields, require their employees to get flu shots each year. A newly released bill would make that requirement, for anyone, illegal.  

Republican Representative Christina Hagan says she hears from Ohioans who have been in their fields for decades, especially those in medical careers, who continue to lose their jobs or be penalized because they refuse to get a flu vaccine. She says there’s no good reason for any employer to require employees to get the shot.

Jo Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

A new scam that is prompting Ohioans to reveal personal information, thinking they are providing it to the health department. But that’s not the case.

Melanie Amato with the Ohio Department of Health says the scammers are using caller ID-spoofing technology to make calls appear to be from legitimate health departments.

“They’re asking for account numbers, Social Security numbers, a mother's maiden name, passwords or any other identifying information," Amato says.

photo of Sandusky Bay

Ohio’s state government is reaching outside Columbus as Gov. John Kasich prepares to deliver his annual State of the State speech tomorrow in Sandusky.

This is the sixth time Kasich has moved the governor’s State of the State speech out of Columbus. The administration says it's a way of bringing state government to the people.